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How to get there



Please discuss your condition with your General Practitioner to see whether a referral to Dr Gibson is right for you as Dr Gibson always works in partnership with your local doctor to help you develop a Pain Management Plan.

Once you have a referral please send it to us at:,

and talk to one of our receptionists will help you with making an appointment.

Kogarah: 02 9064 0088 or Miranda: 02 0524 1076

How to get there?


Blue Shield Medical Suites: 1/19 Kensington St Kogarah

We are opposite St George Public Hospital.

If driving the best place to park is the carpark on Derby St, Kogarah, which charges $2 per hour.

If coming via public transport the closest railway station is Kogarah.

The closest bus stop is: Kensington St opp St George Hospital Gate 2 Kogarah (Stop ID 221780)


Percallan: 95 Kareena Rd, Miranda


We are opposite Sutherland Hospital.

If driving we have 6 parking spaces on the property which you are welcome to use.

If coming via public transport, the closest bus stop is: Kingsway opp The Sutherland Hospital Caringbah (Stop ID 222969)

Wha to bring

What to Bring?

  1. Your referral (if you haven’t already emailed it) otherwise you won’t be able to claim any Medicare rebate.

  2. All relevant Scans + the Reports if you have them: X-Ray, CT, MRI, Bone Scan, Nerve Conduction Tests.

  3. Any Operation Reports or other Summaries of relevant treatments that you have received.

  4. All recent blood tests.

  5. A list of your current medicines including the dose and how often you take it.

    • If you prefer just take a photo of each box with the chemist sticker visible.

    • If the medicines are in a Webster Pack either bring a pack or take a photo of the list of medicines which is on the back.

    • If you have opted into MyHealth, and have an access pin number, it may be helpful to have that number as dispensed prescriptions can also be accessed through this portal.

How long

How long will the visit take?


If it is your first visit plan to arrive around 20 mins before your appointment as there is some paperwork to complete to register you with the practice.
Your first consultation will then usually take about an hour.

Bring a person

Can I bring a support person with me?


Of course!

VideoConferencing Appointments

Can I be seen via VideoConferencing on Zoom?


Yes, we offer consultations via Zoom.

In fact, if you're unwell or currently affected by Covid 19, such as isolating due to being a close contact, VideoConferencing can be a great way to continue your Pain Management health care.

However, not everything is easy to cover with a VideoConference consultation, such as examining your pain condition,  so often a face-to-face consultation will be needed to complete your initial assessment.

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